Nuclear Energy Exports Expected to Remain Important to Biden Administration

The United States faces an existential moment as a nuclear power in the global arena. While international competition exists for everything from soybeans to wind blades and methane, it is nuclear technology that has characterized the influence of the United Nation’s Security Council and its five permanent members, the P-5.

The multiple administrations have used the “Worldwide Threat Assessment” to communicate to Congress the threat posed by China and Russia as they take control over more territory with new nuclear power projects. Of 54 nuclear projects under construction today worldwide, the US is leading only one.  The foreign conquest strategy for Eurasia, where road, rail, and energy projects help make sovereign governments directly indebted to China or Russia, has been decried as “debt trap colonialism.

Senior contributor, Dipka Bhambhani, describes the Biden Administration’s expected approach to the future of nuclear exports.

Read the original article at Forbes.

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