Calls-for-Action at Davos Open Options for New Nuclear

Sustainable Development Goals Tent at Davos

The delayed World Economic Forum provided an unusually warm backdrop in Davos for the annual talkfest, a reminder of the consequences of whether or not we achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. IP3 brought the nuclear industry into a larger tent by partnering with Filecoin Foundation and CNBC in their Decentralized Web gateway.  IP3 helped explore energy’s central role in current policy and geopolitical conversations in Web 3.0 technologies. Computationally heavy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin consume large amounts of energy, estimated to be more than 75 TWh annually.

Speaking to additional new audiences as co-sponsors of The Female Quotient Lounge, IP3 brought the Allied Nuclear vision to life by incorporating nuclear energy into discussions on how to feature sustainability in Web 3.0-enabled future.

Honored to have been invited by Leaders On Purpose,  IP3 joined several panels exploring the energy transition from the vantage points of security and global energy solutions throughout the week. Our team found themselves in conversations with financiers, leaders in the social impact space, and climate activists who understand that Allied Nuclear’s collective goals for peace, power, prosperity, and the planet cannot be achieved without nuclear power.

The War in Ukraine highlighted the stark reality that energy sovereignty is a national security issue. The race to reduce carbon emissions while meeting growing global needs for baseload energy catapulted nuclear power into the heart of the climate solution conversation.

IP3 also had the privilege of being invited by Hub Culture, one of the most established lounges on the Davos Promenade, to do a spotlight video for their YouTube channel. Award-winning journalist Edie Lush interviewed Laura Hermann and Amanda Moslé Friedman on the Allied Nuclear approach. Their interview is one of Hub Culture’s most-viewed interviews from the week.

The time for nuclear energy is now, and we are incredibly happy to see this powerful, abundant energy source earning its rightful place in our shared quest for a bright future.

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