Unlocking Clean Energy Capital

Unlocking Clean Energy Capital

Allied Nuclear formed when its founders saw incremental programs in the energy sector could not deliver today’s clean energy needs. Out of this recognition, our founders joined together multidisciplinary experts in national security, intelligence, energy finance and technology to create commercial partnerships with an entrepreneurial focus for the host communities.

Our partnerial approach brings experience in delivering solutions proportionate to the scale of today’s critical problems. Committed to market principles, the Allied Nuclear team pursues its work as a social enterprise to provide electricity to all, to improve national security across borders and to accelerate clean-energy growth.

Allied Nuclear's Unique, Three-Phase Approach to Clean Energy Futures

1. Buyside Procurement Planning

Allied Nuclear crafts informed strategies for decision-makers early in the development stages of their energy infrastructure programs. Our team’s Flexible Financing model offers to give host countries a competitive edge in tomorrow’s world economy — access to clean, secured electricity that ensures their countries’ long-term industrial success while fulfilling environmental obligations.

Allied Nuclear brings together public and private sector expertise from across the globe to share proven practices and work collaboratively with local leaders to tailor solutions for future success. Through co-creation, Allied Nuclear strengthens the capacity of host countries to finance, procure, build and operate nuclear energy projects through industry-led private-public partnerships.

2. Tailored Financing Packages

As part of the implementation plans, Allied Nuclear helps host countries find investment for energy infrastructure projects. The Allied Nuclear Fund option tailors project financing to support the long-term growth of an ecosystem empowered with a clean energy facility. 

The framework for limited and general partners minimizes investment risks. From education and workforce development to electrification and urban renewal, diverse lines of business help clients integrate their energy future into a nation’s strategies to expand skilled labor, product demand, and related supportive industries. The team works collaboratively with stakeholders to maximize long-term economic value.

3. Best-in-Class Implementation Solutions

The strong culture and internationalism of the nuclear energy industry offers a proven model for sustainable economic growth and environmental protection. Allied Nuclear helps countries identify winning developers and vendors through a consortium-based model that brings together the world’s leading companies across the supply chain. 

Allied Nuclear’s approach remains technology-agnostic. It supports an interconnected, global value chain with localization of meaningful contributors — bringing competitive advantage not to just one company or country, but to the whole sector. This best-in-class criteria is a cost-efficient means to maximize opportunities for investors and customers alike.

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