Nuclear Advocates Inspire Climate Rethink 

“The fact that IP3 is even attempting to make nuclear reactors part of an ESG pitch is a striking sign of the climate times — and one which, in my view, should be welcomed.” writes Gillian Tett, columnist at the Financial Times. Tett is a British author and journalist. She describes her exploration of nuclear power in a series of articles related to the COP26 summit in Glasgow. 

After a meeting with IP3 CEO, Admiral Hewitt, she profiled IP3 in the Financial Times on 7 October 2021: “Nuclear power can help fill the gaps in a tricky energy transition.” She also reflected on her changing perspective after the COP26 summit in a follow-up article on 10 November. 

During the climate event, Tett conducted an onstage interview with Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The interview tended towards a debate after a tense exchange about nuclear safety, and she encountered waves of responses from nuclear supporters on social media after the event. She began to recognize her own assumptions that had informed her initial interview and to consider more thoughtfully the arguments Grossi made on why we should (re)embrace nuclear.

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