IP3 Allied Nuclear Strategy Explored in The National Interest

IP3 Board chairman, Robert “Bud” McFarlane, joins co-author David Gattie at the University of Georgia’s (UGA) College of Engineering and a Senior Fellow at UGA’s Center for International Trade and Security to explore the geopolitical chessboard of civilian nuclear power. Their assessment of the risks and opportunities is published in the recent issue of The National Interest.

They conclude an allied partnership around civilian nuclear power would constitute a strategically important move to counter China and Russia. They write, “Energy & Industrial Strategy must take the initiative with the relevant countries to enable the formation of public-private partnerships starting with NATO, the Five Eyes countries, and the Three Seas Initiative countries. Similarly, we must lead in defining a mandate for the Quad countries (Japan, the United States, India, and Australia). Fortunately, much of this work is already being done in the private sector.”

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