Forbes: Smarter U.S. nuclear export policy needed

Carbon-free nuclear energy holds the key to combating both climate change and nefarious Russian and Chinese influence around the world, Allied Nuclear told Forbes columnist Dipka Bhambhani.

While some nuclear advocates are urging President Biden to reopen China to U.S. nuclear energy exports — all in the name of climate change, the Biden administration is meanwhile undermining Europe’s energy security and decarbonization efforts by endorsing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline.

“When the European nations are stuck decarbonizing, their only option may be to partner with the Russians on natural gas,” said Retired Rear Admiral Michael Hewitt, CEO of Allied Nuclear and its parent company IP3 Corporation. “… [but] the piece that’s really missing in this conversation is nuclear power,” Hewitt said.

Read the original article at Forbes.

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