Allied Nuclear: Private sector-led, clean energy security as a conversation strategy

Private sector-led clean energy security as a conversation strategy - Allied Nuclear

A host country creating large energy infrastructure defines its energy landscape early in the planning process. In resource-rich nations, this habituated compromises throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Governments traded their landscapes for energy and its associated jobs and economic growth. Deforestation, species extinction, erosion, pollution – alteration and destruction of the surrounding landscape has been deemed a necessary evil in the pursuit of heat and electricity. Through co-creation of criteria for new energy ecosystems, Allied Nuclear aims to improve the outlook for the energy sector in the 21st century.

Buying a nuclear power plant should represent more than a transaction. Transformative energy projects are necessary today to address a changing climate and lift millions of people out of poverty around the world. To afford the infrastructure necessary to support this change, Allied Nuclear is working with host countries to ensure their procurement and financing plans lay a strong foundation for national security, environmental protection and economic growth.

By advising buyers on how best to craft requests for proposals, Allied Nuclear strengthens the capabilities of a host country in forging its energy future. The company’s approach integrates public and private interests to craft financing terms and procurement requirements with awareness of long-term goals of diverse stakeholders.

Allied Nuclear uniquely offers tailored financing strategies for each energy project, including “flexible financing” models that use private and public mechanisms. This tailored-approach optimizes overall financing for the host country. It recognizes the near and long term benefits in an ecosystem approach that touches on education, industry and manufacturing sectors which rely on energy outputs. This comprehensive outlook improves the economics overall for the plant to the benefit of customers.The unique project financing entails taking special stock of the major players and key elements to finance and execute the project, from types of private investments and public policy support to construction firms and vendors.

As an added benefit, Allied Nuclear’s expertise brings host countries deeper insights to optimize financing options and to cultivate investor confidence with risk reduction strategies. The market-based approach contrasts with the “foreign takeover” approach of Russian and Chinese state-owned entities, which use nuclear projects to expand their country’s geopolitical spheres of influence.

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